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Additional Learning Support : Assessment & Support Team

Assessment & Support Team

Support Needs Assessments

The Assessment and Support Team are on hand to support learners with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities. We offer various forms of support both in and out of the classroom. The whole team are experts in their field and are happy to help with needs relating to SEND.

The Assessment and Support Co-ordinators can conduct a Support Needs Assessment (SNA). This is a private and confidential discussion with a learner regarding their individual needs. From this recommendations are made and a SEND profile is generated, this can then be shared with your consent to your tutors. 

The recommendations can include: 

  • Specialist Equipment e.g. Dictaphone, lumbar support, coloured overlays and reading pens. 
  • Access Arrangements 
  • Out of Class Support 
  • Strategies to support the learning e.g. time out, additional time certain tasks
  • Advice on how to modify resources such as coloured paper and enlarged text
Grounding and Resilience

The Assessment and Support Co-ordinators can give learners the tools to become more resilient at college through workshops and in 1:1 sessions. This can help learners manage their anxieties both in and out of the college environment and overcome any challenges they may face.


There is a variety of equipment within the department available to help support with learner's needs. The need for equipment should be identified within a Support Needs Assessment to ensure it is the right equipment for the learner.

The equipment available includes:

  • Reader pens,
  • Coloured overlays,
  • Lumbar support,
  • Magnifiers
  • and various other pieces of equipment
Learning Support Assistants

The College has a number of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who provide support to students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - SEND in all teaching and learning situations. 

They act as an advocate for SEND learners within teaching and learning, and social situations. If you feel LSA support is required this must be discussed with an Assessment and Support Co-ordinator. 

Out of Class Support

The Assessment and Support Team can arrange out of class support for learners. This can be with either an Assessment and Support Co-ordinator or a Learning Support Assistant. 

The out of class support is arranged to fit around the learners timetable and their external commitments so that the support fits around their needs. 

Out of class can be used for both academic and pastoral support, ranging from help with organisation and prioritising deadlines for assignments, help with revision, proof reading and coping mechanisms for the college pressure. 

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