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Careers: Apprenticeships


Welcome to Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship combines studying with on-the-job training; it provides the opportunity to develop practical skills, earn a wage and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

Different apprenticeships are available all over England, at companies large and small, in a wide range of industries and organisations, from local organisations to large national brands.

As an apprentice you will work for an employer and either attend college to complete some technical training, or an assessor will visit you in the workplace to carry out the training with you there.

Apprenticeships can take one and six years to complete, depending on which apprenticeship you choose, what level it’s at, and your previous experience.

Your salary will depend upon the industry, location and type of apprenticeship you choose. Apprenticeship wages are relative to your age but note that many employers pay more than the minimum rates. Find out more about apprenticeships through Careerpilot and Studential.

→ You earn a regular salary as you learn, with at least 20% of your time spent in off the job training

→ The majority of your time will be spent in the workplace gaining practical experience

→ You receive high quality training paid for by your employer and the government

→ You train to be fully competent in your chosen occupation

→ You’re on a career path, growing your skills - with lots of future potential for you

→ You get valuable hands-on experience working whilst you learn, which helps you progress in your working life

→ Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to get on job ladder or supercharge your career

Many organisations advertise their apprenticeship vacancies (similar to a job vacancy) on their website or through social media platforms. One option is to research apprenticeship vacancies in this way and apply online.

You can also regularly review our apprenticeship vacancy page where we advertise positions on behalf of employers.

If you’re struggling to find a vacancy, we advise applicants who want to be an apprentice to apply for a full-time college course in a related subject, as well as applying for apprenticeship vacancies.

On the course details section on our application, it asks if you would be interested in an apprenticeship if a suitable vacancy should become available. By selecting yes, this allows us to invite you to an apprenticeship day and support you with finding a vacancy, whilst also having the back up plan of the full time course you are applying for.

If you secure an apprenticeship after you have enrolled onto a full time programme, don’t worry! We will transfer you onto an apprenticeship and you can start your working career, taking with you the skills and knowledge that you have already developed on your study programme.

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If you want to be an apprentice and you need some support in finding a vacancy or would like to discuss your options, contact our Apprenticeship Team:


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