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The Library: IT and Printing

IT and Printing

Three side-by-side photos of the same female student using the MFD to print, scan, and copy

All printing, photocopying and scanning can be retrieved from any MFD (multifunctional device) in the Library.

Print Credit

  • You have been provided with a print quota for this academic year
  • If you need to top-up your credit please speak to your Tutor

Print Settings

  • The printers are set-up to automatically print in black and white and double-sided. This is the most environmentally friendly setting
  • Print settings can be changed (e.g. to single-sided) from the print settings menu on your computer
  • To print in colour you will need to select the 'colour' printer from the list of available printers in the print settings before you send it to print
  • Please ensure that you do not print off large amounts of unwanted sheets. If you do send something to print that is no longer required, you can only delete the document at the MFD

Ask a member of staff if you need any help.

Photocopying single pages and from books

  • Lay your item face down on the glass, select the 'device functions' app on the touchpad screen and press the blue 'Start' button
  • Don't forget to remove your original once you're done

Photocopying multiple sheets

  • If you have several individual sheets, the quickest way is to lay the document face up on the top-most feed tray and select 'device functions' on the touch-pad screen. Press the blue 'Start' button

The photocopy functions are quite extensive and include facilities to reduce/enlarge documents, duplex copy and much more. A member of staff can assist you should you need to use these functions.

Please be mindful when photocopying from copyrighted material, such as books and periodicals. You may consult CLA guidelines for information on how much you may copy.

  • Place the piece of work you want to scan face down onto the glass and select the 'Scan' app on the touch-pad screen. Select 'Scan to my mail' followed by the 'Start' button
  • Don't forget to remove your original document when finished
  • Your document will be emailed to your Student email account
A student returning a laptop to blue laptop safe.

We have a number of laptops for you to borrow at all Centres. The laptop is your responsibility whilst it is in your possession and it may only be used within the Library. Due to Covid-19, we have made some changes to the lending procedure.

To borrow a laptop:

  • First you will need to book a study space in the Library using the Book a Space. Upon arrival, find your study space and 'check in'
  • Scan your Student ID card on the key pad at the front of the blue, white or grey laptop safes to release a laptop
  • Unplug it from the charger cable and remove from the safe
  • Ensure the charger cable is not obstructing the door before closing
  • Self service laptop safes are unavailable in Newark. Please take your Student ID card to the Help Desk at Newark Library to borrow a laptop

To return the laptop:

  • Ensure that the laptop is completely shut down
  • In Lincoln, leave it on the white shelving unit near the laptop safe. This is to allow us to clean it and make it safe for the next user. Please do not return the laptop to the safe
  • In Newark, return the laptop to the help desk for cleaning

Charging cables are available, please ask at the Help Desk.

If you discover the laptop is faulty please speak to a member of staff.

Using Library PCs

PCs are available to students in the Library, some with specialist software such as AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop.

Due to Covid-19, you must book a PC in advance of your visit using the Book a Space page. You may book your PC up to 2 weeks in advance, up to 3 hrs at a time.

You will receive an email receipt of you booking which includes a 3 digit code number. Upon arriving in the Library, find your PC and scan the displayed QR code, or follow the link in your email to check in. You will be prompted for your 3 digit code.

When you leave, please check out using the same link.

If you wish to use your own laptop in any of our Libraries, you can do so. Free Wi-Fi facility is available. Connect to the 'Lincoln College Wireless' network with your usual College username and password.

  • Please ask Student Services to arrange PAT testing your laptop before you plug it into an electrical socket in the Library or anywhere else across College Campus
  • If you change or reset your password, remember to 'forget this Wi-Fi network' on your devices in order to re-connect with your new password. If your device attempts to access the Lincoln College Wireless network with an incorrect password, it may result in your IT account being locked. Contact IT for help if this happens

Be aware: all internet traffic is monitored through the College web filtering system.

You can print from your own device, but it is restricted to black & white and double-sided only.

Office 365

As a Lincoln College student, you will have access to Office 365, which allows you to use a variety of Microsoft Office apps online including Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint, among others. This gives you access to these programs wherever you have an internet connection, making working from home easier than ever. You will also be able to download and install the full version of Microsoft Office apps to your personal computer through Office 365.

To log on to Office 365 for the first time:

  • Go to and sign in
  • Sign in using your student email address, which is your student ID number followed by
  • If you are off campus or remote working, you will need to enter your college password
  • Select your language and timezone, and you will be directed to the Office 365 dashboard

One Drive

As USB memory sticks cannot be used with College computers, the best way to transfer work between home and college is to use One Drive. This is the cloud storage drive accessed through Office 365, which offers 1TB of storage space. Documents and files saved here will be available wherever you have internet access.

Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

When you log in to Moodle for the first time, you will be required to complete your profile details. All the fields marked with * are mandatory.

Some courses at College use an alternative VLE called Canvas. Your tutor will inform you if this is the case.

Use the College's Password Reset Tool if you've forgotten your password. If you need further help, please contact the IT Helpdesk at: 01522 876275 or