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The Library: Read Effectively

Read Effectively

Reading effectively is knowing how to read as efficiently and accurately as possible. There are different techniques which will help you to get the most relevant information from written resources.

Featured Resources

An image of the book Reading and Making Notes

Reading and Making Notes

A little book that takes students clearly through the important differences between the 'why' and 'how' of reading at university, this book shows how to use reading lists, journals and books effectively and how to put together coherent, useful notes.

An image of The Study Skills Handbook

The Study Skills Handbook

This engaging and accessible guide shows students how to tailor their learning to their individual needs in order to boost their grades, build their confidence and increase their employability.

An image of the book Speed Reading for Dummies

Speed Reading for Dummies

Covering the latest speed-reading techniques and tips, this guide will help people read quickly and successfully no matter what they read.

Image of the book Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

This helpful book is your personal toolkit for critical thinking. Author Tom Chatfield will show you how to sharpen your critical thinking by developing and practicing this specific set of skills.

Image of the book Speed Reading in a Week

Speed Reading in a Week

Learn in a week, what the leading experts on speed reading learn in a lifetime.

An image of the book The Ultimate Study Skills

The Ultimate Study Skills

Covering all the core skills you will need to help you make the most of your university course, 'The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook' is your key to success. It provides the techniques, tips and exercises that will help improve your grades.


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