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Read-It Challenge: Review Your Read

Read-It is a yearly challenge to read 6 things in 6 months. Here is where you can sign up to the challenge, log progress, discuss what you're reading and get recommendations.

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"This book was so much more accessible than I ever thought it was going to be, with themes that are surprisingly still relevant today! As well as love, betrayal and family dramas, its main overarching premise is the conflict between what is socially acceptable and what is desired. The characters are flawed, complex and completely relatable. They show genuine growth over the story which, in my opinion, is rare in a lot of the classics I've read!

Although it is intimidatingly long, with stretches of both political and agricultural commentary on Russia in the late 1800s, it never felt a struggle to get through. I would definitely recommend this book, but maybe have something a little light hearted to read a long side it when you need a break."

-Staff Member

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