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Careers: Work & Study Abroad

Work Abroad

Working abroad can help you widen your experiences by travelling and meeting new people.  Its an opportunity for you to internationalise your CV and help you stand out from other candidates in the future.   You'll also be able to experience different cultures and languages, and develop your skills, experience and networks. 

Seasonal work could offer a defined period of time working abroad e.g. during a ski or summer holiday season.

For longer term possibilities, you may want to look for UK companies with offices or workplaces overseas, for example, cruise companies who may be looking for staff in the entertainment, beauty, retail or childcare sectors.  For those with the right skills, you may be able to identify companies who are looking for UK workers to be based in other countries.  

Seasonal or short-term work overseas

Study Abroad

Choosing to study abroad could be something you are considering as part of your HE options. There are many ways this could look, whether its studying your whole degree abroad, or if you are just looking at a year or placement abroad.  We've included details of website and pages which you might find useful for starting your research about studying abroad. 

Gap Year

A gap year may be an option you are considering and would like to explore further. This break from studying could take many forms depending on what you would like to get out of it.
Some students want to take a break from studying to explore the world, either travelling, volunteering or getting job in another country. Others may want to stay closer to home to work to save up money, or choose to get some experience in the industry they hope to progress into in the future. 
Your gap year could in fact be a mix of a few options, the main thing is to have a goal/goals you want to achieve out of it, to make sure you make it worthwhile. 

The links below should help provide further information about gap years, and if taking one is right for you. You can look at different ideas of things to do, things to consider and the pros and cons of taking one.